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Moving abroad to teach English is a big step, so it’s understandable if you have a few questions. When you apply for a teaching job through China Youth International HR, we will do our best to answer these questions as we help you transition from your home country to China. CYI has been helping lots of teachers for many years which means we have come across a variety of questions on a range of topics. To help alleviate any concerns you have before you apply, please take a look at some of these frequently asked questions on teaching English in China.

Is there anyone else in the class with me? Do I get help while teaching?

Generally, there will be a T.A (teaching assistant) with you in every class. The T.A is NOT there to translate to the students, although they sometimes do as a last resort teaching method. The T.A is simply there to help you control the class, keep the kids in line and supply you with any teaching materials you may need before and during a lesson. The T.A’s are your best friends so treat them well and communicate with them to keep the class running smoothly. However, it’s still ultimately up to you to choose whether or not you want a teacher assistant.

How do I teach English in China if I don’t speak Chinese? Is there a translator?

If you are teaching English in China at a reputable school, there will likely be rules in place to ensure the students learn in a 100% English environment. You will not need to speak Chinese or translate the language to the students if you present it in such a way that they can understand. For this, proper planning and use of realia can be crucial. If worst comes to worst, the students often have a separate Chinese class, where they are able to catch up on any language they did not understand in your class. There are two words you will find yourself calling out to your students frequently: “NO CHINESE!”

Can I pay off student loans on my salary?

Yes, absolutely. Your saving potential in China is on par with what you can earn in other countries, it is certainly higher. Furthermore, most China schools these days also offer flight and housing stipends, among other perks. You will be surprised by the amount of money you can save in here plus its affordable life

Is my flight to China paid for at my own expense?

Absolutely not! CYI will take care of your flight tickets, and all the other expenses upon your arrival for FREE. This is as part of our many services.

Am I provided with housing?

Yes, absolutely. You will be provided with a fully-furnished modern apartment.

Can I use my credit card in China?

Yes, most major credit cards are accepted in China. Note that cash is sometimes the only payment accepted in small towns and remote areas though.


Don’t worry, everybody has questions it’s understandable. The best thing to do is apply so that we have all your details and can make sure you meet the visa requirements. Once we know that, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial chat before moving to interview. This is the best time to ask those initial questions, others can be asked at interview.

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